UNESCO movie about Qatari past

When I arrived in Qatar, I thought it’s just a young and modern country. But there is so much more history to discover… Want to sneak a peek? Enjoy watching this short UNESCO movie

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How to: Add Posts to Pages in WordPress

When you visit my page Qatar you can will find not only the page content text, but additionally all my post of category “Qatar”. This is not standard in WordPress! But if like to know, how this is done, check this tutorial. Thanks to the author of this tutorial!

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Locations without addresses

It feels strange sometimes, but life in Qatar usually works without using addresses for locations. For example, when you want to visit the medical commission for your medical check in the beginning of your stay, do not expect to find an address of this department on their website. Just tell the taxi driver, you need … Continue reading »

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Tipping in Qatar

About Tipping: Maybe you are asking yourself “Should I tip at a taxi, restaurant and so on?” Of course everybody is happy about a tip (because workers don’t earn much money), but you don’t need to and nobody is be mad at you, if you do not tip. It’s not so common to tip in … Continue reading »

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Taxi in Doha

Taxi are called Karwa here in Doha/Qatar and have a light green color. Right now (Summer 2012) there is one big company for Karwa with telefon number 44588888. Another company just started to operate, but not so much used so far. Make sure you order a taxi in advance, because you otherwise need to wait … Continue reading »

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